Colonial Marine Militia " FIRST TO FIGHT, LAST TO LEAVE"


Thank you for your interest in the Colonial Marine Militia.

The Colonial Marine Militia concept was first put together in the 1980's based upon the proposal of many former United States Marine Corp members who wanted to organize militia formations based upon that experience. The first CMM national conference took place in Indianapolis Indiana in the year 1986. This meeting was a formative operation which performed the task of better organizing the many already existant Marine militia formations that had been ongoing for many decades. The event lasted 3 days and though there was some debate about details in structure the CMM was confirmed by all members. The attendees were asked to return to their respective states(43 in all at that time)and present the many proposals brought forward with a goal of confirmation within 30 days. All units and associations responded positively and the CMM growth process continued.

With the advent of progressive abuses by Federal Corporation elements the CMM membership requested a second national conference to determine actions to be taken to neutralize the problem. The second national conference took place in 1989 at Camp Emerson CMM facility. The membership had by this time tripled over the last three years and this expansion meant that certain issues needed to be addressed. This included, but was not limited to, unit structure, material support operations and individual skill training. The conference guidelines that were now in place would set the stage for the next series of events. With the cooperation of the many state commands the CMM formations were in the right place at the right time to assist in dealing with the growing globalist threat inside the united states.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The actions of the 1990's were the test of many of the elements of the CMM. The Ruby Ridge and Waco actions demonstrated the need for greater cooperation and better coordination. The Third national CMM conference was called and the final issues were addressed that have brought the CMM to its present level of organization. The Knob Creek resolution was agreed upon as a standard by which theCMM would operate when responding to a given threat by globalist assets. These policies still stand today and are foundational to the CMM platform.

There are presently 116 Regimental Combat Teams (RCT) active and 49 cadre RCT formations in service. There are an additional 3 RCT formations organizing at this time. Of the 116 active RCT's there are 4 that serve as training units through out the country. All of the member formations have a long and colorfull history with the militia. The CMM forces include all supporting arms and is constantly growing. There are CMM units in all of the 48 continental states.

The attachments that follow this page are taylored to meet your request for information with regard to joining a militia formation. We hope that you will find the packet informative and valuable in making the decision to join the militia. The CMM is one of the several options that are available. The choice is yours.

Freeman's Creed

         By Sergeant John Pickens, 38th Regimental Combat Team, Colonial Marines

There are footprints that we follow, bloody footprints in the snow,

Of our fathers and our brothers, who stood firm 'gainst freedom's foe.

For the prize their pain has purchased, for their trust we must uphold,

We pledge lives and sacred honor, which cannot be bought with gold. 

Colonial Marine Militia expansion continues

     With the expansion of the CMM Division Project a number of new tasks are now in motion. The 119th RCT will be disbanding and reorganizing under two new RCT designations. This is part of the lattest "order of battle" configuration that best suits the needs of the many formations and individuals involved. The NBF War College is going to supervise the developement project to include ALL of the combined arms of the CMM. Of note is the expansion of the mobile artillery and fire control elements. Congradulations to Mr. Barton and all of the men that have made this project such a success. More to come as things develope. Be ready for the worst. The storm is coming.


New Videos on Youtube


Please take the time to go to our page on Youtube and check out the new videos posted there. We have been adding a great many new training videos to the inventory. Use these to help to bring people up to speed as this will save you time which then allows you to focus on specific unit needs with your people. Go to Libertytreeradio on Youtube and pass the info on. Please take the time to rate and comment on the videos. It helps us at this end. Victory.

New manual available. PM-7658A Combat recon Manual SF-RVN-70 (CMM-26A) The reprint of the "tricks of the trade" manual that many were asking for. Go to for listing of the manual and cost per unit. It is expected that you will copy and distribute this PM to as many CMM members as possible.

With the developement of Divisional strength administrative elements in all of the 48 CONUS states a period of test and evaluation is now taking place. The work continues in three of the most recently incorporated states to fill key positions and ther have been some communications failures. During the "teething" phase of these actions the problems encountered were expected. Transition to the advanced RCT formation that has been agreed to by all commands will be implimented ASAP. The 9th RCT is the model unit for this transition and all questions should be directed to their G-1 office. CMM aviation support will be tied into this program and will continue its ongoing program of recruitment at all levels. Logistical CnC BTY units will cooperate in every way to make the mission goals a reality. PM-78-09 covers all changes in SBR.

Thank You

The membership of the CMM would like to thank the many private businesses that have stepped forward and provided material and money to keep the CMM going. Logistical support is especially critical at this time of growth. With the active deployment of Internationalist Forces across the USA now we now see the intent of the enemy. Many new members bring with them a number of people of like mind that are willing and able to provide the support needed. We will do our part to support Liberty. We thank all of you who are giving us the ability to get it done.




      There are many resources available to you from across the nation. Communications, Arms, Ammunition,Gear and much much more.  Below are a number of sites that will provide the information you need to get on the fast track.

COMMUNICATIONS     no longer broadcasting but log of programs still on line.

ARMS AND AMMUNITION     gas masks, chem suit,more          gas masks, chem suits,more            50 cal uppers for AR-15 (go long barrel)       Ammo and magazines    Reloading components        Ammo Arms and more  Gear and more    Arms, Ammo and Gear  Gear and Special Tech


call  (866)404-3663  and for orders only (530)265-8333  for the Freeze Dry Guy


The winds of change are now upon us. Let each man do his part and stand as promised. Liberty1775

   has 8mm Mauser ammo in stock in the SPAM cans, 198gr Yugo Brass Case and 150gr steel in 5 round strippers. K-98 users will want to add more to their inventory. 

Wink3RCT CMM  26th Brigade will be providing support during the Nevada deployment. Check with Mr Sarns to find confirm CMM unit rotation schedule. Take more ammo. Take more food. 

Cool214th Special Support Co. "Turners Company" will be deploying personnel in Nevada and Northern Arizona per mutual support agreement with ASM. Rustic Camp at all 3 locations. Act accordingly. 2870-58-1-10

CoolKeystone freq adapter module add ons are being issued to all units deploying west. channels 225.5, 233.5 and 309.0 are the inbound combat freq's should combat action is initiated during travel. 

SealedALL personnel deploying WILL carry their Personal Protection masks(Gas Masks) at all times. Expect an enemy deployment of agent during any agressive action that the Soviet Socialists initiate. Spare filters and Chem Suits are a HIGH PRIORITY. 

SmileTactical Deployment Order 387109-03   #rd RCT Standby order for month of  MAY14  Per SOP all unit deploying in the Nevada AO will be required to provide deep A ration support for site. Standard is 100lbs food stuffs (of all types) per individual deployed. 415th Co. MMC  Travis  will provide on site Quartermaster control. Full NBC Defense and Motorized support is required. Tac 492-10MAY14  

Tongue outExtreme Hot Enviroment dress is SOP for all units deploying Nevada AO.  Returning units confirm need for aditional support on the ground. Donations from two different sites are being delivered. Task Group Wrangler is in moyion and will deliver 2 tons of food stuffs and ammunition to the BR AO. 

CoolPer diat 456-91-16MAY14  All CMM  RCT components will be attached to the 49th RCT Arizona Command per CMM National Guidelines. Utah deployment will be under 32nd RCT Bannerman CMD HHD

UndecidedPer diat 462-91-16MAY14 all signal activity will be under  4th Div HHD WCG  and will operate per MARS guidelines. Mobile elements will anchor to the STRATNET signal grid starting 01MAY14 and will continue in this mode until relived by the next volunteer component.

YellAdvanced party for Nevada deployment of the 26th RCT Security/Communications Detachment is now in motion. Camp Larson is now a permanent cooperative site to over watch Camp Bundy Elements of the 4th RCT armored Recon element will be arriving at 0800 MST via truck and debarking at the corners drop/rally point. 

CoolSun protection is a must. Do what you can to provide for all men in your deployment group. Logistic support is catching up with operations. LKO 16739-09-10

CoolRip Stop BDU Woodland uniforms are now on site at the Quartermaster Post  5th RCT  Sr Sgt Russel is the contact person. All sizes available in both shirts and pants. Boonie or Patrol hats availble per your unit SOP.  Pin code access for all CMM quartermaster NCO and officers starting 08JUL14 per CMM guidelines. Watch for update posts on this scroll. 

YellContact. Michigan Wolverine Militia State Commander is being targeted by FBI/DHS at this time. Go to AR-SPAC- 409-1-10-1229. Use your unit Cmd pin number to access latest update and mobilization order. TTA-402- TARGET

Money mouthThe 21st RCT  5/10 program material is in. All individuals that paid for the unit order are now asked to contact Mr. "L" for scheduling to pick up material. Facility does have a low gate loading dock so pallets can be wheeled onto pickup trucks as needed. Call ASAP to move all material of sight. KLH-826

InnocentNew Chaplains Corp Manuals are at the printer and will be available in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. CTR the Chaplains Corp, 1st Div 16th RCT for order requests. All Chaplains and Chaplains Assistants will receive their manuals with the first mailing per CMM guidelines. Additional copies must be purchased.  

YellSgt Turner of the 3rd RCT CMM Band is looking for a few more drummers for the group. Base drum and Tenor Drum are available. Instruments are on hand. Contact SGT TURN  28-1-10-1229 PIN ACCT 491 for contact.

smile5th Division system check will take place during FTX "Fundberg 2017"  Both the BIC and the TPOC will participate in a conplete RCT command conversion. Refer TM-28-19 (2016) for further information about SOP.

money-mouthGo to  and then to the "deal of the day" section. Many MOLLE and ALICE items have been coming up for pennies. Quartermaster Hobbs is working on group purchase coordination. Orders over $250.00 are typically FREE.

undecidedMr Lanski is looking for a few hundred good CMM members. A new OPFOR Group is being organized for advanced FTX operations. TDA units can p[articipate but must conform to equipment standards per the BBMFIC at 3rd Division CMD

smileCamp Emeric is sponsoring the "end of the year" night land navigation competitions for CMM Midwestern CMD. Check your PIN site for further info.

coolCold season is upon us yet again. Gear up and pack up to deal with the winter balltlefield. for some really great deals on gear. French CCE woodland is coming out in force once again. Search and collect.

innocentWe are still looking for volunteers to work as Chaplains with the CMM and general Militia Chaplain Corp. Watch for updates and postings. Mr "B" is one of the East Coast coordinators.

 laughingAdvance party for the 4TH RCT CMM 02JUN18 deployment will continue per last years adopted schedule at PACNAR meetup. SGT Mclands is the NCOIC for the MNOC element.

coolWarm season but still dangerous. Great Lakes AO is  noted for major storm and temperature shifts this time of year. Standing SOP should be observed and full kit should be deployed until new cut off date. Watch the SOP listing at the MAGAR board for changes.

money-mouthFunding for the new Thermal deployment project has come through and a schedule for issue will be set during the PACNAR mmetup at Camp Ogema. Full funding was provided.

innocentPutting the call out yet again for Chaplain Corp volunteers. Next national mmetup will be in Virginia. Date is on the CAPSTAR page for PMC